Sunbeds and Beauty Salon


Here at One to One Gym, we’re offering you a chance to experience the exotic with our newly installed sunbeds and treatment room. With sunbeds at just £0.50p per minute, you can get the tan you’ve always wanted without having to travel to the other side of the world.

Sunbeds – 50p per minute,upright and horizontal sunbeds available, treatment room, members and non-members welcome, for both men and women. A chance to relax, unwind & enjoy!

Modified low-pressure UV lamps for the body as well as Ultra Performance Plus facial tanner technology with glass reflectors and additional 25W low-pressure lamps with specialised filters gives a UV lamp combination that still complies with the 0.3 W/m² standard. Ultra Performance Plus technology is based on the same UV components as you will find in Ergoline’s SUNANGEL models. Software-controlled power settings make it easy and convenient to adjust your optimized 3.0 W/m² sunbed to any standard that applies in your country – giving your investment maximum protection and flexibility. Ergoline are the industry-leaders in the sunbed industry and will continue to be for years to come

In recent years, a number of preconceptions have, for whatever reason, emerged in connection with the sun, sunbeds and UV light. Let us put an end to some of these notions.

For instance, people claim, time and time again, that the light generated in a sunbed is more harmful than natural sunlight. An absurdity, as, for example, Dr. Gerd Kindl and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Raab establish in their book “Licht und Haut” (Light and Skin). As far as these two experts are concerned, the light in modern sunbeds – which contains both UV-A and UV-B – is even healthier than natural sunlight. Users tan more quickly and they only risk getting sunburned if they overdo it.

In December 2016, we proudly welcomed a premium beauty and nail salon to the OnetoOne Gym team called The Beauty Den. So, after you’ve finished your workout you can pop upstairs for a quick pamper.

Why Not take a look at our facebook page to see what we can offer at the Beauty Den.